Ever since I was young girl, I have been told that being “functional” is necessary to get along with life. This, of course, brought along a very large amount of questions and, unfortunately, not a quite so large set of answers.

A long time has passed, and I am yet to discover exactly how the strange notion of “functionality” works. However, this may be because my life has been largely characterized by huge bouts of DYS-functionality.

Unfortunately, being myself and myself having had the unfortunate fate of having to suffer through numerous bouts of untimely and sincerely frustrating mental illness, I fear I am no closer to discovering the well-kept secrets of functionality that most others seem to effortlessly grasp. I have however become very talented at being quite the opposite of these others: Dysfunctional.

I therefore have decided to collect my learnings in this not so useful guide and must warn the readers that if their desire is to somehow live in this complicated and (to me) incomprehensible society, they should not follow any of the following advice.

Do not be alarmed though, dear readers. This blog may after all not be a complete and utter waste of time. As before stated, I am in fact the expert in being totally dysfunctional. Being dysfunctionality the opposite of functionality, it may be possible to achieve the latter by merely making it a point to do exactly as I have not done.

Now, enough with the introduction. I bring you the Official Beginner’s Guide to Dysfunctioning. Or at least, that would be a very nice and pompous sounding name for it and, dysfunctional as I am, that is why I have decided to rename it. I therefore bring you (and this time it’s for real!):


The Official Beginner’s Guide to Dysfunctioning

How NOT to Function

All I desire is to feel loved…

 You read most of this information in the introduction and much more will be revealed through my posts however I will give a brief intro. I am 19, have been suffering from severe mental health issues since 10 and am writing this blog both because I love writing and also because it is a way for me to express myself. Unfortunately I still suffer strongly from anorexia, self-harm, anxiety issues, insomnia, depression and borderline personality disorder. This blog offers me a safe place to express who I, and not the diseases, really am.

So much stress…